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Wash Out

Posted on : 08-09-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations

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Took a walk this morning on the paved trail behind our house. Looks like the water took out part of it. Amazed how fast the town checks on things for us.


This was a stunning thing to see too. once these two trees stood side by side. One old and one new(er). We’ll never know which of them caused both to come crashing down.

I can’t imagine what this place had to have been like last night. Look at how much dirt and mud was left behind across the path here. And the dirt is pretty well packed too. I may be light on my feet but I weight much more than a feather and didn’t sink at all when I walked over the this mess.



Forecast is calling for even more rain over the next few days. I wonder how much more the trail will change when all is said and done.

Irene – Final Chapter (at Least Locally)

Posted on : 28-08-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations

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20110828-114801.jpgWell, it was a fun night.  I was out on the porch till early morning just taking in the sights and sounds of Hurricane Irene.  We lost power inside the house once for about a minute and, as I shared with friends on Twitter the street lamps would come and go on their own too.  Some of the wind gusts were impressive and I tried my hand at making a recording to share using my iPhone.  I don’t think the recording does justice to what I personally witnessed but here’s a copy.  Maybe I’ll have one of the items from my wish list before the next storm of the season hits.  With any luck it’ll do a better job of carrying it’s strength and arrive as a category 2 or 3 storm which would translate to our experiencing Cat 1 like winds this far inland.

Sounds of Irene

This morning I toured the neighborhood and then drove a roughly circular route about five miles in diameter. The survey team included my Father in Law whose own house near Mineral Va was destroyed by the recent earthquake, my son, and daughter.

In our development we came across several downed trees and tree limbs. Oddly, none of the damaged trees could have been more than a decade or two old. None of them though landed on anything but the ground below. One house had lost some shingles on it’s northern facing corner.

Out on the main road many of the intersections were made dangerous as traffic lights weren’t working. I’ve never seen so many crazy drivers. Everyone needs a refresher course in driver’s ed. If the traffic light at any intersection isnt functioning that area MUST be treated as a 4-way stop!! So many folks were blowing by at speed (55mph).

Fortunately at some of the larger intersections the police were doing their best to keep those on the road safe.

From the look of things road crews in the area were extremely quick to respond to downed trees that posed a road hazard. Also, I did see at least one tree lying across the CSX tracks so sure those crews will have a large job ahead of them inspecting miles of track along Irene’s path up the east coast.

That’s all on the storm. It was fun and for me, beyond an awesome wind show, pretty uneventful. Perhaps the next to hit this season will hold on to it’s strength longer and come across as a category 2-3 system. If it does I’ll try doing this but with some better recording equipment.

That would be cool.

Thanks for reading what began with our getting ready for, as billed, historic storm, and let me know what you’d like to see should there be a next time.

Irene and Her Gifts

Posted on : 28-08-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations

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Well we woke to the sounds of strong winds outside and I looked outside to see the devastation left behind by this historic storm.

Kids Love Irene

Posted on : 27-08-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations

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Well the day is almost over. Only real adventure was Saturday Mass at 5:00pm. Interesting event to hold in a church which has lost power. The kids really enjoyed the change from the normal church setting.

Here’s another aspect of the storm the kids really loved.

So I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Irene. Unless something really cool happens overnight I may not have another post overnight. Perhaps she’ll still be with us in the morning.

If she’s left I’ll fancy a drive around town and see how the rest fared through this “historical” storm.

Oh, and apologies to Firefox users. Seems the browser doesn’t like HTML5 videos but will play them if you choose to view them in a separate tab/window. If anyone knows why this is and how to correct it please let me know.