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Thinking Ahead — Way Ahead

Posted on : 10-06-2011 | By : Orion | In : Humor, Observations

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20110609-113252.jpg I’ve had more than a fair amount of free time and I’ve spent quite a bit of it online studying for and passing tests and what are known as professional certifications. I have a few more lined up under my desirable column and for motivation recently made a friendly wager with a very close friend. The basics of it is a race to see which of us will add five new certified skills to our “portfolio”. I’ll share updates on that as they come but for now that’s not what the whole “Planning Ahead” is about.

It’s about Christmas which is right around the corner. Well, at least the advertising for it is. See, I’m originally from New York and growing up there was this store whose spokeperson and store was named Crazy Eddie. The man’s prices were insane and so were his commercials. Truthfully, I don’t know why i got to thinking of him or the store but if you’re so inclined head on over to YouTube and prepare for a serious flashback.

Then I remembered that sometimes there are “Christmas in July” sales events and realized I’d better get my list ready. Good thing that whenever my brain started locking up from hours of reading and CBTs it was a simply thing to open another browser tab and look at nice, shiny things. Since most of you are too polite to ask and I’m too old to start dropping hints I thought it best to just, you know, present what would make me super happy to receive any time.

Mind you, this is in no particular order.

1.20110610-014112.jpg Zoom h4n – I’ve no immediate need for one. Seems all my friends have a nice digital recorder. Perhpas if I had one I could enter the world of Podcasting? Chalk this one up to peer envy.





2.20110610-122640.jpg This is an Invicta Reserved SubAqua Venom model 6116 and is absolutely stunning. It would look great on my wrist or alongside my other 10+





3.20110610-012724.jpg Pens, fountain pens in particular, are works of art and this one is no exception. This one happens to be the Waterman Edson Diamond Black Fine Point (I don’t have a fine point model yet. An omission I hope to rectify.) Fountain Pen.







Well, that’s about it.  Any of these will do.  What’s on your list and don’t go trying to make me feel bad about my short list by answering “Peace on Earth”.  Please.