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Don't Be a Dream Killer I've been told racism still exists.  I'm not sure why I've been told this or reminded of this.  When this info has been passed on to me it's come in one of two forms. ...


I *Might* Follow You I'm far from an expert on Twitter.  In fact, I only gave it a try after hearing a real expert go on and on about it for probably the tenth time.  What I'd classify myself...


I believe This is Yours? Looking around and watching the world go by can be interesting. No, I'm not saying you should sit and do nothing in life but watch it pass by. You should occasionally...


Second Time's Easier but is it Better? If you've been following along here and on Twitter (and who isn't, right?) you'll know that I've dipped my toes into the world of writing.  Through what can only be described...


The Other Shoe Has Fallen Some may not have heard the news but on March 1st I and some 2400 others were informed that short of finding another job within the company, our services would no longer be...


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What was that again?Well, it’s only the second day of the month but it’s still the middle of the work week.  So enjoy this Wednesday post from the archives of my personal email joke folder (don’t we all have one?).  This one came to me on June 23, 2006.  Again, its from my dad and since it arrived right around my third anniversary, I guess he was trying to prepare me for what’s likely to become my future.  My three kids, God bless them all, are quickly sucking most of my brain power even now so read on and enjoy.  I’ve already had days like what you’ll read below.  Am I the only one?

That was harder than expected

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Tools of the Trade?  Not yet.Yesterday I did something never before attempted by me.  I submitted a short story.  Truth be told it was an ultra short story.  Laurence Simon hosts a weekly challenge where people are invited to submit 100 word stories (mine is here) in two formats one text the other audio mp3.  I’ve visited his site a few times, listened to some of the podcasts and toyed with the idea of actually sending in something but never did till now.

Waiting at Gate B

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It doesn’t happen often. When it does I find myself asking questions that usually start with a single ‘Why?’ that quickly turns into a virtual flash flood of them and today it happened. I rushed from my office exactly when my part of the client coverage schedule ended to the train station just in time to watch it pull away.