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Hello Irene

Posted on : 27-08-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations

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Well, it’s been raining for about two hours here but we’re ready for this “Historical” storm or so says all the TV weathermen.

All I can see on my favorite weather app is a tropical storm warning for the entire day till 1:am Sunday.

But we should be fine. There’s lots of water (bottled, not a bathtub full) and we have batteries. Oops, not enough batteries so one last run out.

Wife stocked up on the non-perishables and if we do lose power for days the frozen meats will get grilled. :-)

It’s not Your Momma’s YA Anymore

Posted on : 14-06-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations, Writing

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20110611-114431.jpg Personally, I think the slip of YA into more adult themes stems from today’s adults putting into stories topics *They* themselves wish they were allowed access to when they were kids. The same is happening in music and television. It’s a classic case of “Slippery Slope”.

At the risk of sounding old fashioned. Scratch that. I want to sound old fashioned. When did that become a negative thing? I’m glad I was given a chance to be a kid and enjoy kid things. Sex wasn’t a topic or interest because it was totally unknown. Girls had cooties and boys were gross and so simple a set of thoughts as those kept the two far enough apart that no one explored possibilities. Kids were teased, there existed bullies, not everyone got a Valentine’s card and life was an ABC afterschool special.

The excuse that it’s ok to be part of the “exposure” because kids are seeing already anyway misses the point that they are seeing it anyway in part because others before decided to expose them.

A real life example happened to me while treating my girls (5,7) to lunch at Friendly’s. Over at a nearby table an adult couple and some kids were eating when she dropped an F bomb. My head shot up and over to them. He apologized while she seemed lost as to why he apologized. To her it was just another word kids hear all the time anyway (her words, not mine).

So by that argument it’s suddenly ok, acceptable, if I start swearing or now let them read books, and watch movies containing the same?

My answer is no but what’s yours?

Thinking Ahead — Way Ahead

Posted on : 10-06-2011 | By : Orion | In : Humor, Observations

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20110609-113252.jpg I’ve had more than a fair amount of free time and I’ve spent quite a bit of it online studying for and passing tests and what are known as professional certifications. I have a few more lined up under my desirable column and for motivation recently made a friendly wager with a very close friend. The basics of it is a race to see which of us will add five new certified skills to our “portfolio”. I’ll share updates on that as they come but for now that’s not what the whole “Planning Ahead” is about.

It’s about Christmas which is right around the corner. Well, at least the advertising for it is. See, I’m originally from New York and growing up there was this store whose spokeperson and store was named Crazy Eddie. The man’s prices were insane and so were his commercials. Truthfully, I don’t know why i got to thinking of him or the store but if you’re so inclined head on over to YouTube and prepare for a serious flashback.

Then I remembered that sometimes there are “Christmas in July” sales events and realized I’d better get my list ready. Good thing that whenever my brain started locking up from hours of reading and CBTs it was a simply thing to open another browser tab and look at nice, shiny things. Since most of you are too polite to ask and I’m too old to start dropping hints I thought it best to just, you know, present what would make me super happy to receive any time.

Mind you, this is in no particular order.

1.20110610-014112.jpg Zoom h4n – I’ve no immediate need for one. Seems all my friends have a nice digital recorder. Perhpas if I had one I could enter the world of Podcasting? Chalk this one up to peer envy.





2.20110610-122640.jpg This is an Invicta Reserved SubAqua Venom model 6116 and is absolutely stunning. It would look great on my wrist or alongside my other 10+





3.20110610-012724.jpg Pens, fountain pens in particular, are works of art and this one is no exception. This one happens to be the Waterman Edson Diamond Black Fine Point (I don’t have a fine point model yet. An omission I hope to rectify.) Fountain Pen.







Well, that’s about it.  Any of these will do.  What’s on your list and don’t go trying to make me feel bad about my short list by answering “Peace on Earth”.  Please.

Sometimes an Update Breaks What Was Great

Posted on : 31-05-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations

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Look what I've done


About two months ago an iPad app I loved, Print Central, Unlike so many others I tend to READ THE INFORMATION ON WHAT’S BEEN CHANGED.  with version 1.8.2 the developer clearly stated they removed the ability to print through Apple’s AirPrint function.  That told me everything I needed to know.  So I backed up the app BEFORE updating just to see what the real impact would be.  In short I didn’t like it at all and rolled back to my saved copy.

I am very glad the developers clearly informed us instead of trying to hide the change required by Apple.  That’s why I gave it full marks in my appstore review.  Also, the app still did what it was designed to do which is print to any printer.  Yes, the updated version became clunkier now but the dev’s only alternative was to remove it from the app store even though some might still find it a useful app.


Update: The App’s greatest feature had now been crippled by Apple.  Maintaining backup old version of PrintCentral no longer preserves ability to print directly from other enabled apps. Even though it’s still showed up as a valid printer option if you wait two seconds it will vanish.   Apple effectively removed function via latest iOS release.  Thus proving once and for all the folks at Euro Smartz Ltd were force to make detrimental changes to their app in order to continue selling it via the iTunes App Store.

Update: If you do have the app here’s how you’ll now have to print documents and such.  Gone are the good old days where you could just select the app as defined printer.  *sigh*