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Don't Be a Dream Killer I've been told racism still exists.  I'm not sure why I've been told this or reminded of this.  When this info has been passed on to me it's come in one of two forms. ...


I *Might* Follow You I'm far from an expert on Twitter.  In fact, I only gave it a try after hearing a real expert go on and on about it for probably the tenth time.  What I'd classify myself...


I believe This is Yours? Looking around and watching the world go by can be interesting. No, I'm not saying you should sit and do nothing in life but watch it pass by. You should occasionally...


Second Time's Easier but is it Better? If you've been following along here and on Twitter (and who isn't, right?) you'll know that I've dipped my toes into the world of writing.  Through what can only be described...


The Other Shoe Has Fallen Some may not have heard the news but on March 1st I and some 2400 others were informed that short of finding another job within the company, our services would no longer be...


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Keeping Your Premiums High

Posted on : 27-11-2011 | By : Orion | In : Government, Observations, Political

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20111127-190848.jpgFirst, speaking only for myself and not the other two parties involved, I’d like to say sorry. Sorry for keeping your health insurance premiums, co-pays, and the like higher than they should be. In my defense I’m perhaps the only person not making a profit from my actions. I am reaping the meager benefits till next year when rates are likely to go up again. For quite a while I’ve seen tv ads for all manner of medications that end with the narrator speaking a wonderful phrase. The exact wording may not be the same but essence of it is they’re generously offering to help pay for their life improving product.

Granted I’m still actively hunting for the perfect job but I can easily afford my normal co-pay for non-generic meds. But there I was, sitting in my doctor’s office going over the results of my latest checkup and he suggested I try this new prescription. We have a relationship going back over a decade and he knows I ask for generic meds when available. Again not because of its cost to me but to the system as a whole. I’m just trying to do my small part to keep costs down for everyone just like doing my small part selecting products made from recycled materials or not mowing the lawn midday during poor air quality days. So he tells me now to worry and hands me this little card. With it my out of pocket costs won’t be more than $10. What it really means is that the cost to my health insurance company is going to be significantly higher than if I had gone generic.

And just like that I found myself in the middle of the eternal battle between “Big Pharma” out to make as much profit as possible and Health Insurance companies trying to control costs thus make a larger profits themselves. As for me? I ended up paying the $10 as promised instead of just north of $50 for the same 30 day supply. I can’t begin to imagine how much more it cost my insurance to pick up the balance. The difference in co-pay is designed to nudge folks like you and me to the generic option when one is available. In truth, the new meds worked just as well as what I had been using before so I’ll be a good consumer and change back.

I’ve got one more refill left on this discount card though so I’ll make the change next year. It’ll be my New Year’s resolution and probably the only one I’ll actually manage to keep.

Don’t Be a Dream Killer

Posted on : 17-01-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations, Political, Thoughts for the Better

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Nothing is as simple as black and whiteI’ve been told racism still exists.  I’m not sure why I’ve been told this or reminded of this.  When this info has been passed on to me it’s come in one of two forms.  The first is almost a whisper, like some special secret.  Almost as if the teller is letting me in on something only a few are privileged to know.   I nod in return in a manner that lets them understand just how grateful I am to now be part of some inner circle.

A Timely Reminder

Posted on : 30-10-2010 | By : Orion | In : Government, Humor, Political

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Balance Scales


—Author Unknown

What Not to Wear?

Posted on : 01-09-2010 | By : Orion | In : Observations, Political

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Do you know your Bible?

Be Informed Before You Put it On

I recently received a dire warning via email not to wear this shirt. The email also dutifully suggests everyone not blindly buy something and wear it without first understanding its true meaning.

I couldn’t agree more.  I think that once you know the facts of an issue or position its then up to the individual what they then do. To me, it matters not your position on an issue so much as whether yours is formed from ignorance or facts.

So would or wouldn’t you wear it based on some facts or would you make your fashion and other decisions in the dark? Let’s hope it’s on facts because at some point others will see your decisions and ask why you chose to put that on.  It’s a fair question, so have a real answer ready.

Oh, and I love your hat.