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Don't Be a Dream Killer I've been told racism still exists.  I'm not sure why I've been told this or reminded of this.  When this info has been passed on to me it's come in one of two forms. ...


I *Might* Follow You I'm far from an expert on Twitter.  In fact, I only gave it a try after hearing a real expert go on and on about it for probably the tenth time.  What I'd classify myself...


I believe This is Yours? Looking around and watching the world go by can be interesting. No, I'm not saying you should sit and do nothing in life but watch it pass by. You should occasionally...


Second Time's Easier but is it Better? If you've been following along here and on Twitter (and who isn't, right?) you'll know that I've dipped my toes into the world of writing.  Through what can only be described...


The Other Shoe Has Fallen Some may not have heard the news but on March 1st I and some 2400 others were informed that short of finding another job within the company, our services would no longer be...


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About The Universe

This ever expanding corner of the Universe has been growing for a long long time. 40 years or so, based on the latest scientific data. It’s growing because no one is ever alone in this world. Not ever. Even if you stayed in the house and never left you can’t avoid interacting with others. The very home you’re in was built by others so at some level there’s a connection however nebulous.

And as a Universe it grows and grows. It’s growth allows for more connections as a whole. You make friends, learn of the world around you, where it all came from and how all of it becomes part of who you are. As you grow your Universe expands too.

But as the Universe expands something else starts to happen… distances between the points become bigger over time. It takes longer to connect and sadly some of those connections happen less and less.

Hopefully now, here, new connections can be made, old ones made firmer, and above all time between contact much shorter.

So, all that having been said, you are always welcomed in this Universe and I hope to see you soon and often.