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Life Doesn’t Follow a Script

Posted on : 28-04-2012 | By : Orion | In : Funny Moments, Humor, Observations

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PC DoctorWe’ve all been there.  The dreaded call to tech support.  Heck, at one time in the not so distant past I might have been the person on the other end of the line.  The big difference to me is that every time I find myself having to place a call for support the tech takes me through the same old boring set of things under “let’s try a few things first” column of time wasting activities.  I hate asking for assistance only to learn the solution was on page 20 of the manual.  I scour the internet (thank you Google) for answers long before I try the 800 number.

Today as an exception because I already knew what I needed.   Seems the family PC in the kitchen didn’t survive the short power outage last Monday and needs a new power supply.  I always give the OEM the first try but their site was completely useless when it came to parts replacement.  Sure they offered tons in the way of upgrades and peripherals but a simple 350 Watt power supply was nowhere to be found.  So I bite the bullet and gave their online chat a try.  I knew whoever was on the other end would start off with a battery of questions on our journey through their Flowchart of Doom.  I was very disappointed that after giving them the same info I used to search for the part they asked me info which should have been readily accessible to them as tech support.  I mean, why ask me what power supply came with the computer?  Your company makes the computer for goodness sake.

The best was soon to come for as my tech excused herself from our chat while she looked up the power supply info for my computer she asked me one of her pre-canned questions used to pretend the tech is truly engaging with you, the caller and wants to form a “connection”.  Unfortunately it didn’t go over as planned.  Take a look and have a good laugh.  I know I did.


Perhaps on the next call or chat it’ll be best to stick with questions about the weather.  That or go with, “How about them National’s, right!!”

Keeping Your Premiums High

Posted on : 27-11-2011 | By : Orion | In : Government, Observations, Political

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20111127-190848.jpgFirst, speaking only for myself and not the other two parties involved, I’d like to say sorry. Sorry for keeping your health insurance premiums, co-pays, and the like higher than they should be. In my defense I’m perhaps the only person not making a profit from my actions. I am reaping the meager benefits till next year when rates are likely to go up again. For quite a while I’ve seen tv ads for all manner of medications that end with the narrator speaking a wonderful phrase. The exact wording may not be the same but essence of it is they’re generously offering to help pay for their life improving product.

Granted I’m still actively hunting for the perfect job but I can easily afford my normal co-pay for non-generic meds. But there I was, sitting in my doctor’s office going over the results of my latest checkup and he suggested I try this new prescription. We have a relationship going back over a decade and he knows I ask for generic meds when available. Again not because of its cost to me but to the system as a whole. I’m just trying to do my small part to keep costs down for everyone just like doing my small part selecting products made from recycled materials or not mowing the lawn midday during poor air quality days. So he tells me now to worry and hands me this little card. With it my out of pocket costs won’t be more than $10. What it really means is that the cost to my health insurance company is going to be significantly higher than if I had gone generic.

And just like that I found myself in the middle of the eternal battle between “Big Pharma” out to make as much profit as possible and Health Insurance companies trying to control costs thus make a larger profits themselves. As for me? I ended up paying the $10 as promised instead of just north of $50 for the same 30 day supply. I can’t begin to imagine how much more it cost my insurance to pick up the balance. The difference in co-pay is designed to nudge folks like you and me to the generic option when one is available. In truth, the new meds worked just as well as what I had been using before so I’ll be a good consumer and change back.

I’ve got one more refill left on this discount card though so I’ll make the change next year. It’ll be my New Year’s resolution and probably the only one I’ll actually manage to keep.

I Don’t Get Out Enough

Posted on : 12-09-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations

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Life, my life anyway, has really changed these last ten or so years. I seldom get out other than a food/drink run, pick up/drop off the kids, or yard/home related tasks. I need to make some new, local friends. My closest buddies have moved or live far enough away that it’s impractical to just swing by and hang for an hour. Seems like just hanging out with the fellahs takes a massive amount of planning. The planets have to be aligned just so. And there can’t be any pending events involving family, or home.

Wash Out

Posted on : 08-09-2011 | By : Orion | In : Observations

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Took a walk this morning on the paved trail behind our house. Looks like the water took out part of it. Amazed how fast the town checks on things for us.


This was a stunning thing to see too. once these two trees stood side by side. One old and one new(er). We’ll never know which of them caused both to come crashing down.

I can’t imagine what this place had to have been like last night. Look at how much dirt and mud was left behind across the path here. And the dirt is pretty well packed too. I may be light on my feet but I weight much more than a feather and didn’t sink at all when I walked over the this mess.



Forecast is calling for even more rain over the next few days. I wonder how much more the trail will change when all is said and done.